Apricot Oil [Apricon]


100% ORGANIC Apricot Oil comes from Baltistan where the glaciers irrigate the high altitude small, family owned orchards. It is light in color with pleasant nutty odor. Apricot Oil is mostly composed of fatty acids, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid and Palmitic acid. World over people use Apricot Oil to help promote healthy skin, nourish and strengthen hair, relieve stress, reduce pain, and encourage balance and wellbeing.


How Apricot Oil is Obtained?      


People in high valleys of Baltistan have milled apricot seeds for centuries.  Local people have setup enterprises with the support of a Swiss agency (SDC) to increase their income through apricot cultivation and milling. Anchan Group helps local people market their Apricot Oil and improve the quality and quantity of apricot production.


Presently Anchan Group has launched following products of apricot oil under the brand name of Aprion.


  1. Apricon Hair Oil


Apricot Oil has long been used as a hair treatment to restore shine and lost nutrients of dry and damaged hair. 100% Organic Apricon Hair Oil add vigor and luster to the hair. It is natural treatment to restore shine and lost nutrients of dry and damaged hair. Essential fatty acids help restore softness of hair.


Packing Available:

    • Apricon Hair Oil 50 ml
    • Apricon Hair Oil 100 ml





    1. Apricon Massage Oil


    With its light texture and high absorbability Apricon Massage Oil is popular as carrier oil. Moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing properties of Apricon Massage Oil is effectively used for massage therapy.  


    Packing Available:

    • Apricon Hair Oil 50 ml
    • Apricon Hair Oil 100 ml





    1. Apricon Facial Oil


    Apricon Facial Oil is rich in vitamins A and E, rejuvenate the skin looking smooth and elastic. For skin nutrition, Apricon Facial Oil contains the essential Fatty Acids, Oleic and Linoleic Acid. Regular applications of Apricon Facial Oil keep skin smooth and flexible.


    Packing Available:

      • Apricon Facial Oil 50ml
      • Apricon Facial Oil 100ml





      1. Apricon Cream


      Apricon cream contains apricot oil extracts that revitalize the skin look, providing a healthy, more radiant appearance. Apricot oil and vitamin E moisturize and provide relief to mild and severely dry skin leaving it soft and supple.

      Packing available
      Apricon Cream 50 ml




      1. Apricon Lotion


      Apricon Lotion contain Vitamin A, B, B1, B17 ,C and silicon. Apricon lotion is known for its softening and Anti-Ageing properties,it leaves the skin healthy, shining and moisturized without oily look.

      Packing available
      Apricon Lotion 50ml




      1. Apricon Scrub


      Extracted from pure organic apricots Apricon Scrub contain Vitamin E and Amygdalin also known as Laetrile. Thanks to the fine granules of apricotkernel Apricon scrub provides excellent abrasive effect. Apricon Scrub helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of skin to allow new skin to regrow. Exfoliating action of Apricon Scrub help get rid of fine lines and small wrinkles.

      Packing available
      Apcion Scrub 75ml



      Apricon Is a registered trade mark product of Anchan Group and all its right are reserved.


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